Signature twill black shirt


This is our best-selling black shirt. Developed by the Eton team over several decades, to become perfect. The intensity of the black color in this shirt is world-class. The style is modern, yet classic. It is the perfect party shirt, black is always the new black. The Eton finish provides this design with crease resistance. This easy-care feature is a bonus for your busy life. You will look and feel perfect 24/7. Are you looking for a shirt that will go with any outfit, to any occasion? Join the Eton Signature Twill fan club.

  • A weave developed during decades by fabric experts of Eton to reach the best quality possible
  • Extra-long staple cotton fibre yarn for smoothness and durability
  • Four different fits developed by Eton experts, created for your body type
  • Available in different collars for you to choose your favourite
  • Our most popular custom made fabric
  • A versatile shirt for any occasion – from classic business to formal evening wear
  • Buttonholes are sewn with 150 stitches, twice the industry standard, for durability
  • Meticulous quality controls for the perfect weave
  • Crease resistant, stays sharp 24/7
  • Eton designs for longevity: the more a garment is used the lower the footprint per use

Contemporary Fit (Size Guide)

Style Reference: 3000 79311 18


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